Peacemakers LLC is a mediation service that helps people de-escalate and resolve legal conflict by facilitating accountability, apology and forgiveness under strict confidentiality in a safe environment.

For a fraction of the time and expense of typical litigation choose Peacemakers and make a win-win result possible.

Avoid litigation by choosing Peacemakers Mediation:


“RJ is an excellent lawyer with a very calming presence. She helped me navigate my way out of litigation and into a fair settlement that I could not have achieved on my own. I highly recommend RJ as an attorney and mediator”.

Elizabeth Bolwell

“RJ is a highly skilled mediator who helped me see the light and overcome my own resistance to settlement.  After many years of hostile litigation, RJ gently guided the parties into a place where each could see the validity of the other’s position. She is truly a “Peacemaker”.

Jeffrey Keller, Esq.     

My Dearest RJ:

“Thank you for all of your efforts, support and counselling on my behalf.  I appreciate all that you negotiated and accomplished.  You made the process much less stressful.  You are a stellar attorney”.

Diane Hansen