Mediation that Respects the Dignity of the Person and the Process.

The PEACEMAKERS Difference


       Many mediators attempt to resolve conflict at the level of the problem- focusing only on determining the nature of the legal issues, rights, obligations, risks and cost of litigation while ignoring the original injury, invalidated hurt or anger that eventually festered into (threatened) litigation.  


PEACEMAKERS is a Dispute Resolution Service Designed to Facilitate:

• Open Communication

• Understanding

• Accountability

• Apology (where appropriate)

• Forgiveness (where appropriate)

• Closure


Top Three Reasons Parties Litigate are:

        1. Misunderstandings 

        2. Miscommunication

        3. Non-communication 

   Anger is the most common byproduct and may lead to an escalation in conflict just to be seen, heard and validated.



   In the scientific and medical communities, chronic anger is now understood to be the second leading cause of heart disease-which is the number one killer of Americans. 

   Chronic anger also greatly suppresses the immune system which is our defense against sickness, disease and death. Over time, self- righteousness does much more harm than good. 


PEACEMAKERS offers Peace of Mind

   Resolution of the legal issues, as well as the healing of the emotional upset and freedom from anger is the true magic of Peacemakers.