How Peacemakers Works:


           Mediation: California Evidence Code Sections 1115-1128:

     In civil proceedings, the mediation privilege provides blanket protection from disclosure the information shared during the mediation, including any admission of fault. For example, the words, “I’m sorry.  I was wrong. Please forgive me.” can never be used for any purpose in any later civil proceeding.  

     Because the mediation privilege is the only exception in the law where there are no civil consequences to being totally honest, an atmosphere of candor is possible which often clears past misunderstandings in service to a win-win resolution.

Ideal Clients:


• Landlord/Tenant Disputes

• Real Estate Purchase    Agreements/HOAs/Neighbors 

• Partnership Issues/Dissolution

• Trusts/Inheritance 

• Personal Injury

• Employer/Employee 

• Doctor/Lawyer Malpractice

• Construction/Remodel

• Family Law Disputes* (RJ works in conjunction with Hon. Gretchen Taylor, Ret.)